Carbon Farming

What is the Carbon Farming Initiative?

The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is a voluntary carbon offsets scheme. This Australian Government initiative allows farmers and land managers to earn carbon credits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (such as nitrous oxide and methane) and storing carbon in vegetation and soils through changes to agricultural and land management practices (also known as carbon farming).

These credits, known as Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), can be sold to individuals and businesses that want or need to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of their business operations. This can create additional income for Australian farmers and land managers who choose to take part in the initiative.

To participate in the CFI, people undertaking projects to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or store carbon in the landscape will need to use an approved methodology for their activity. These methodologies contain the detailed rules for implementing and monitoring specific carbon farming activities and generating carbon credits under the scheme. New methodologies and opportunities to participate are continually evolving.

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