Prof Jeremy Russell-Smithjeremy

Professor of Research
Jeremy is an ecologist/botanist with a particular interest in helping to achieve sustainable fire management outcomes in tropical savannas. He leads the research effort.



Mr Cameron Yates
Program Coordinator

Cameron has published and worked on the application of spatial science, to many natural resource management agendas, such as carbon, weeds, rangelands, and extensively with bushfires. His role is to manage and coordinate the activities of the Centre.


Dr Andrew Edwards
Research Fellow (Bushfires)

Andrew applies spatial sciences to pyro-geographical problems. He has been involved in the NAFI website and the Savanna Burning methodology. He has been continuing his PhD research into satellite mapping of fire severity.


Mr Jay Evans
earch Officer

Jay has undertaken extensive field survey work and burnt area mapping for a number of years since joining DCBR. He is now undertaking a PhD looking at the efficacy and cost of prescribed burning in north Australian savannas.



Dr Peter Jacklyn
Senior Research Fellow

Peter has a background in the biophysics of termite mounds, radio broadcasting, and communication. He developed and still manages the NAFI web site.


rohanMr Rohan Fisher
Research Fellow (Information Technology for Development)

Rohan is a spatial scientist with extensive experience in remote sensing, where he applies his skills to mapping burnt areas for the NT and Kimberley. He also develops simple and robust NRM applications for the people of Eastern Indonesia. He is now undertaking a PhD.

Dr Kamaljit Sangha
Research Fellow (Ecological Economics)

Kamal has a background in agricultural economics and has been applying those skills to the assessment of the Payment for Ecosystem Services.

Dr Patrice Weber
Researcher (Programmer)

Patrice recently undertook a Masters in Environmental Science after a long career in Geophysical Research where he completed his PhD in France and the USA. He is working with DCBR programming an updated version of Infonet (known as the Savanna Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting Framework – SMERF).

Sarah Fischer
PhD student

Sarah is studying the effect of fire and land use change on the Avian Assemblage in the Darwin region. Using Remote Sensing and GIS to map fires and land use change for the past 20 years Sarah will assess a 20 year database of 99,000 Bird records. Sarah will also look at new and innovative ways of surveying birds using UAV and bioacoustics.




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