Fire & Emergency Services – Borroloola Town Meeting

13th March 2018

NT Fire & Rescue – Bernie Welsford (Station Officer, Katherine),
William Barker (Senior Fire Fighter, Katherine)
Nathan Eames (Captain, Borroloola NTFRS volunteer brigade)
NT Police 
– Melissa Sanderson (Sergeant), Derek Hartshorn (Sergeant)
Roper Gulf Shire CouncilFred Graham, Cindy Morgan
Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Association
– Greg Crofts (CEO)
Waanyi Garawa Rangers – Jimmy Morrison (Ranger Coordinator)
Glencorp – Rebecca Gentle (MacArthur River Mine community relations consultant)
NLC – Harold McDermott (Waanyi Garawa IPA coordinator), Nathan Morrison
CDU – Andrew Edwards (B&NH CRC Researcher)

Bernie Welsford organised the Fire & Emergency Services biennial meeting.
The timing of this meeting, a week after the WG Ranger meeting was very useful. Throughout the meeting, where pertinent, Jimmy Morrison was able to articulate the list of summary activities previously developed.

The attendees were all of a communal spirit, talked agreeably and looked positively on the services offered by the GW Rangers.

Meeting summary:

  1. Waanyi Garawa & Garawa Rangers agreed to join the NT Fire and Rescue volunteers and to be trained as firefighters for the Borroloola Brigade. They will receive NTFRS related training, PPE, and the resources required.
  2. Waanyi Garawa & Garawa Rangers to be provided with fee-for-service from Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Association (Greg Croft-CEO) to undertake prescribed burning in and around Land Trust communities outside of Borroloola.