Focus Group Meeting: Lanthawirriyarra Sea Rangers

13th March 2018

Lanthawirriyarra Rangers – Fiona Keighran, Graham Friday, Anthony Johnston, Levina Johnston, Joanne Miller, Natalie Benson; Absent – Damian Pracey
Waanyi Garawa & Garawa Rangers – Jimmy Morrison
CDU – Andrew Edwards

The survey undertaken with Waanyi Garawa Rangers one week previous, was modified by Andrew Edwards and Jimmy Morrison. The survey was undertaken with the Lanthawirriyarra Sea Rangers in their offices.

The Sea Rangers are involved in Search and Rescue, and Assistance During Floods. They always assist with search and rescue, usually with and on behalf of the police, due to their advanced knowledge of the river and the fact the Sea Rangers have advanced coxswains and first aid certification.


  1. The Sea Rangers would be very happy to work with the WG Rangers
  2. All staff, approximately 15, have high-level coxswains and first aid certificates, two are based at Limmen River, they have a lot of new recruits.
  3. They believe that a lot of their efforts should be paid for, as currently, their activities are all voluntary.
  4. In the case of bad weather, like a cyclone warning, they believe they have the right knowledge of who’s where, and capacity, to go and pick people up people and take them to shelter. e.g. old people who are caught away from home.
  5. Although many people are not comfortable with the idea of being called out to road accidents, they felt that they should still be trained and prepared for such possibilities. They felt their current high levels of first aid should cover them.