Focus Group Meeting: Tjuwanpa Women Rangers

28th March 2018

Rangers – Sonya (Ranger coordinator), Dani (Ranger co- coordinator), Joanne, Mildred, Faith, Cheyenne
CDU Researchers – Jeremy Russell-Smith, Kamal Sangha, Judith Lovell,
Andrew Edwards,
CDU PhD student – Clare Hawkes
Parks & Wildlife NT – Grant Allan
Police – Dan McCarthy, John Mills
NTES – Harry Dodds
Bushfires NT – Tamara Ralph


This first meeting Tjuwanpa Women Rangers (TWR) was a general conversation regarding the rangers’ interests (willingness and capacity) in Emergency Management (EM) services, scope for participation in the project and their future needs and activities. Grant Allan from Parks & Wildlife was invited to describe the recent (10 year) occurrence of fire in the region, referring to a set of maps he had created, along with representatives from Bushfires NT, police and NTES. At the end of the meeting, a focus group meeting was undertaken by the team with the TWR.


The Women Ranger’s group is a small community grassroots organization. They want to have a voice and input in EM discussions but are not placed to lead consultation of the community.

Three rangers are trained NTES volunteers while the other six are very new to the team and have not conducted any NTES training or induction. The trained rangers may be able to assist in some Emergency Management (EM) situations such as small fires within the community boundary (not the wildfires as NTES activities do not include that).

They suggested that a professionally trained person who can lead in emergency situations will be better suited, and the rangers can then assist. There is need for training, particularly in the events of floods and wildfire.

NTES, Police and Bushfires NT were all supportive of the rangers for identifying EM-related resource needs, building their capabilities and offering training if needed.