Waanyi Garawa & Garawa Rangers Focus Group Meeting

6th March 2018

Waanyi Garawa & Garawa Rangers – Jimmy Morrison (Ranger Coordinator),
Jack Green (Senior Cultural Advisor), Donald Shatforth (Senior Ranger),
Casey Davies, Clinton Daylight
NLC – Harry MacDermott (Ganalanga Mindibirrina IPA Coordinator)
CDU Researchers – Dominique Lynch, Cameron Yates, Andrew Edwards
Kate Van Wezel (B&NH CRC PhD student)


A preliminary survey was undertaken with the WG&G Rangers to determine their knowledge, capacity, and willingness to be involved in delivering Emergency Services.
The research team devised a simple questionnaire based on the ARPNet survey questions previously undertaken in Ngukkur and Gunbalanya.


The WG&G Rangers felt capable and willing to be involved in:

  1. Borroloola town prescribed burning, part of the town land is Aboriginal Land, the rangers can assist, work side-by-side with the existing volunteers to reduce the local politics that often occurs, and to provide them with training from the Rangers extensive experience in prescribed burning.
  2. rescuing lost kids (mostly) and others getting bogged and stranded. Also, need appropriate people (strong-willed people) who can report back to family in town when accidents occur. Need for appropriate training in First Aid etc.
  3. to warn people and move them to town from the path of impending cyclone (reinforce the work of the police, to help get people out of a potentially life-threatening situation).
  4. to assist government people when working in the community, to translate and explain the local politics, as there are often issues that lead to misunderstanding.

The Rangers were overwhelmingly convinced of the need to set up an EM team to look after the whole region together with the sea rangers and EM agencies.