Beyond NAFI – Fire monitoring and strategic planning tools short workshop.

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce some no-cost tools to help with your fire monitoring, strategic burning and response planning through simple techniques to improve the spatial and temporal resolution of burnt area and active fire data beyond that provided by NAFI. The Darwin Centre for Bush Fires research,  working with open source software developers, have produced simple tools and training to allow anyone to access free high (spatial) resolution Landsat imagery, for detailed burnt area assessment, and MODIS satellite imagery for near real time burnt area visualisation. Landsat is very useful if you want a detailed image of smaller early dry fire break burns whilst direct access to MODIS imagery allows you to get a same-day picture burnt areas without having to wait for the latest NAFI mapping update.

 Following is a series of screen training videos to accompany the training manual.

Download Landsat imagery: Glovis.
Glovis ( allows you to easily select and download individual scenes from anywhere on earth.

Download Landsat imagery: Earth Explorer.
Earth explorer uses a Google Earth map to navigate, define an area of interest and set search parameters.

Displaying Landsat imagery in SAGA GIS
SAGA GIS Automates the importing, projection and display of Landsat data

Displaying ancillary data
Ancillary data could include tenure or aerial incendiary flight lines, and can be in shape file (shp) or GPX format.

Displaying MODIS imagery
To display MODIS imagery simply drag and drop the MODIS tiff file into SAGA and select Band 2 as the only one to load.

Exporting image view
Exporting a displayed image map can be useful for reports, presentations, or for using the maps in other (field) software.

 Assessing fire extent and spread. Nitmiluk Sept – Oct 2014




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